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The History Behind Our Company

I knew nothing about running a t-shirt/hats and craft business not too long ago. I had previous sales experience, but I was unsure if it helped. However, I gave it a shot. I wanted my t-shirt designs to be unique and send messages of love, kindness, compassion, empathy, inspiration, strength, and the importance of paying it forward and giving the world A little Bit of Wonderful. We designed an act of kindness and friend's t-shirts with input from children. Because a child's life is like a piece of paper on which every person leaves a mark. We decided to leave a mark of A Little Bit of Wonderful. We distributed the t-shirts to children in several elementary schools. With parent supervision, the children choose which act of kindness they want to do, hoping that it would also show the adults how contagious Acts of Kindness can be and how it can change one's outlook for the day can change. Acts of Kindness and how adults somehow. They, too, would get the message that paying it forward and acts of kindness can change one's The t-shirts and backpacks were a hit; the schools ordered the t-shirts. I used my graphic skills and those of the children. After several meetings, we agreed that A Little Bit of Wonderful Custom Designs should incorporate the Pay It Forward line. We will put the Quotes on t-shirts/hats, headbands, drawstring backpacks, shoulder canvas bags, mugs, and more. Imagine yourself walking down the street, and someone is wearing a t-shirt asking you to smile because you, too, are beautiful. Ask yourself, would you smile? I am pretty sure you would, Giving yourself A Little Bit of Wonderful. We have worked with Albert Einstein, ASPIRA, Metro Health, NY Organ Donor Networks, Lil Chefs, New York Department of Education, Special Olympics, and other not-for-profit and for-profit organizations. We designed swag bags for runs/walks, cancer events, marathon runners, CrossFit teams, Veterans Organizations, support groups, aprons, and hats for The Lil Chefs, t-shirts for children's parties, bridal parties, party favors, keepsakes for weddings, memorial slate plaques, wall clocks, mugs, water bottles and much more. We do bulk orders or just one item. We work with all budgets. Give a family member, friend, or yourself A Little Bit of Wonderful.

The Right People In The Right Jobs

Helen Torres CEO & Founder

We live in our shirts, we spend time with them, we get to know them -- and they feel like an old friend that's been there through thick and thin, and still has your back.